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Cat Wheelchair - Rear Support Cat Wheelchair

MSRP: $279
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How will the Cat Wheelchair benefit my pet?

Our Cat Wheelchairs are specifically designed for a cats with a lighter frame and are available as either a Rear Support Wheelchair or a Full Support Wheelchair, depending on your cat’s disability. Cats in need of the Rear Support Wheelchair have weakness in the rear legs and good strength in the front legs while using the Towel Test. Cats with some or complete weakness in the front legs will need the Full Support Wheelchair.

Every K9 Cart is custom-built in the USA, fully-adjustable, and guaranteed to fit. Our expert are here to guide you through the entire process to ensure your pet receives the best care possible.
For cats under 6 lbs or over 15 lbs, please contact us directly


Cat Wheelchair Measurements

  • Height from top of back to ground.
  • Length between mid-point of hips and shoulders.
  • Width of body straight across at widest point.
  • Girth or circumference around the body at the widest point.