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Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs - Rear Support - Large

MSRP: $529
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A member of the Paw Prosper team will follow up for measurements for all cart purchases

K9 Carts dog wheelchairs are custom built in the USA using Aircraft Grade Aluminum for the lightest ride in the country.

They offer extra comfort and mobility while reducing physical stress on your pet – they’re also easy to carry, durable, affordable, customer-tested, vet-approved, and guaranteed to fit with a 1-year warranty.

    • Custom made just for your pet in the USA.
    • Guaranteed to Fit large & small dogs.
    • Fully adjustable dog wheelchair for back legs.
    • Built & Shipped in 24 hours* for most orders.
    • Expert Evaluation from our Medically Based Staff.
    • Front Support Kit add-on available.
    • Designed & Approved by Certified United States Veterinarians since 1961.

For pets over 150 lb, please contact us directly.


Dog Wheelchair Measurements

 Why trust a canine wheelchair from K9 Carts?

  • Designed & Approved in the United States by Certified Veterinarians.
  • Custom-made for your pet right here in the USA.
  • One Year Warranty when acquired through K9 Carts.
  • Guaranteed to Fit in Height, Length and Width.
  • Fully adjustable wheels for large & small dogs.
  • Lightest rear support wheel chair for dogs on the market today.
  • Just 4 simple measurements to get the right-sized frame & wheel combination.
  • Easy to Adjust in height, length and width, for both large and small pets.
  • Front Support Kit add-on available.
  • Unlimited Support and Fitting Advice from our Professional Staff.

What are the benefits of our pet wheelchairs?

  • Enhance your dog’s quality of life by enabling them to walk & run.
  • Hold your pet’s back in alignment and prevent any further injury.
  • Slow the progression of virtually all canine spinal diseases & conditions, including degenerative myelopathy.
  • Perfectly balanced to relieve stress on the front legs & spine.