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FitPaws Deluxe Rehabilitation Kit

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by FitPaws
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Kit Contains:

1x FitPaws 36" Wobble Board

1x FitPaws 20" Wobble Board

1x FitPaws K9FITbone Giant Bone (Violet)

2x FitPaws K9FITbone Standard Bone (Sky Blue)

1x FitPaws K9FITbone Mini Bones - Set of 2 (Mango)

2x FitPaws Agility Kit

1x FitPaws 14" Balance Disc (Razzleberry)

1x FitPaws 22" Balance Disc (Razzleberry) 

1x FitPaws Peanut TRAX Yellow 40cm

1x FitPaws Peanut TRAX Red 50cm

1x FitPaws Peanut TRAX Blue 60cm

2x FitPaws Trax Donut

2x FitPaws Circular Product Holder

1x FitPaws Ramp

2x FitPaws Balance Pad