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Dog Wheelchair for Front Legs - Small

MSRP: $594
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A member of the Paw Prosper team will follow up for measurements for all cart purchases

The K9 Carts Forelimb Wheelchairs are custom designed and built by our expert staff to help pets with front limb mobility issues and normal rear leg strength. The Forelimb Wheelchairs are considered “specialty” wheelchairs as no two are exactly the same. Video and pictures of pet are required in advance for a full evaluation prior to ordering.

Features & Benefits

• Custom Made in USA for your pet’s specific needs.
• New RX Design with Adjustable Weight Distribution.
• Relieves Stress & Promotes Decompression of the Spine.
• Fully Adjustable & Guaranteed to Fit.
• Approximate build time of one week on most orders.
• Unlimited Support and Wheelchair Fitting Advice.

Recommended Conditions

Birth defects where pet is born without or with deformed front legs.
Forelimb amputees: double and single amputations.
Front Limb Weakness with rear limb normal function.

Dog Wheelchair Measurements