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HEU - Water Tank Connector Strap Set (Set of 2 black and 2 silicon)

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Specs: One Size only
Straps sold as pairs
Length: Max Length 52” Min Length 52”
Width: 1”

We made our Tank Connector Straps to help you keep dogs centered and safe while in their treadmill tank. We know you have dogs that like to cheat by putting one set of feet on the tread and the other pair on the tread guard. Many of you have ingeniously designed ways to keep your patients centered with all manner of suspension and padding devices while trying to free up your hands to work with your pup. At long last here is a viable solution.
We started by adding “D” rings to our harnesses so that you have something to attach these connector straps to. D rings were added to the front and back of all of our harnesses, next to the connector clips. You connect the straps to these “D” rings and then to either a bar or eyelets that you may have on the top rail of your tank. The bar or eyelets may have come with the design of your tank or have been added as an option. You can loop the black nylon strap around the bar or push the end of it through the eyelet and then pull the clip end through the loop on the other side. Our straps help to keep your pups centered but they also add support, to prevent dogs from slipping or even falling in your tank. Our Connector Straps also come with a quick release fastener for fast emergency release.

  • Top half: Black Nylon/Bottom half: Blue w Silicon grip
  • Nylon loops for attaching to rails, hooks or eyelets
  • Nylon straps with adjustable length for small & large dogs
  • Fastex Fasteners for quick release
  • Silicon sheath for no-slip grip when wet
  • Steel/coated connector clips for long life in water