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VetkinTape® Pre-Tape Adhesive Spray

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VetkinTape Adhesive Spray is the perfect solution for all your kinesiology taping needs. With its high-tack adhesive and long-lasting hold, VetkinTape is the ideal choice for securing your taping job. The spray is easy to use, making it a great choice for any animal physio or vet looking to secure tapes better. The spray dries quickly and won’t leave any residue, so you can be sure of a neat and secure finish. VetkinTape is non-toxic, non-flammable and safe to use on animals. Whether you’re taping a horses back or a dogs paw, VetkinTape Adhesive Spray is the ideal product for any job.

Benefits of VetkinTape® Pre-Taping Spray

  • Most eco-friendly alternative to existing aero sprays on the market.
  • No propellants in the product.
  • Use to secure tapes & strapping and make tape jobs last longer.
  • Strong adherence without irritating skin.
  • Easy spray-on adhesive gives sports tape and wraps more stick.
  • Water-resistant adhesive for better hold in wet weather.
  • Dries to a colourless film: invisible once applied.
  • Handy-Size 200 ML spray will easily fit in your kit bag.